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Black Bear

We had a black bear come into the yard with her babies.

She has been here a few times. Hope we see her again.

She is so big that I will have to admit I was a bit frightened.


Momma racoon came to visit today. She comes every year to have her babies.

She usually has 5 babies, but this year she only brought us one.

She is such a sweet, beautiful girl.


Was lucky enough to get these girls by the cone flowers

and in the lilac bush today.

They are precious little jewels in the sky.

Jake Culvers

Jake Slater at Culvers Car show 7/26/2022

What a great show I had a great time! Our Camaro also won Best in Show! Fun Times!

Northern Flicker

Baby Northern Flicker calling for her mom or dad.

Soon they will fly from the nest that is in the tree.

I hope that they will return next year.