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  • Racoon

    Momma racoon came to visit today. She comes every year to have her babies. She usually has 5 babies, but this year she only brought us one.She is such a sweet, beautiful girl.

  • Black Bear

    We had a black bear come into the yard with her babies. She has been here only a few times and I hope we see her again. She is so big that I will have to admit I was a bit frightened. This is a video from August 26th, 2015 . I was inside the house and quite nervous to say the least lol. I always worry about the coming through the windows.

  • Red Bellied Woodpecker

    Red Bellied Woodpecker’s are visiting today! Dad (Melvin) is feeding baby a bit of some suet cake. It will be nice to watch his baby grow. These woodpeckers like sunflower seeds, suet, and peanuts. The majority of their diet consists of insects. This usually includes beetles, grasshoppers, ants, and other insects. The male, red-bellied woodpecker displays red on both its nape and crown. The female, red-bellied woodpecker has red on its nape but not its crown. The breeding season for Red-bellied Woodpecker begins in early winter and late spring in March and April. Both males and females will choose a…

  • Bunny

    Baby Bunny has come to visit again today. She is very comfortable inside the fenced area in the back yard, she seems happy when I talk with her, and she allows me to photograph her. Her brother or sister are not comfortable at all inside the back yard maybe they are a bit shy lol.