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Was lucky enough to get these girls by the cone flowers

and in the lilac bush today.

They are precious little jewels in the sky.

Northern Flicker

Baby Northern Flicker calling for her mom or dad.

Soon they will fly from the nest that is in the tree.

I hope that they will return next year.

Red Bellied Woodpecker

Red Bellied Woodpecker’s are visiting today! Mom is feeding baby a bit of some suet cake. It will be nice to watch it grow.

These woodpeckers like a suet that say woodpecker or fruit or nuts in it. 

Fun things about them:

The male, red-bellied woodpecker displays red on both its nape and crown.

The female, red-bellied woodpecker has red on its nape but not its crown.

Most male and female, red-bellied woodpeckers excavate their nesting cavities, the male does most of the work.